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Bend Homes for Sale

Bend real estate smart search. We provide smart power search tools, called Vestor Filters™, to help you find your best deal on your next Bend home for sale. Search homes for sale by any keyword you type, biggest price drop, best price per sq. ft., best price per acre or unit or bedroom count. Analyze properties for sale using multiple smart data criteria, all at once. Try searching by longest on market, best-priced condo, smart fixer list, and more. Each Vestor Filter™ comes with an explanation, so try them all out.

Home Email alerts, save and share. You can also easily save homes you like by clicking the heart button or save the entire search criteria by hitting the heart button on the search bar. Then you can set up property email alerts for yourself that match the saved criteria and set those emails to come at your schedule, either immediately, or by a daily, weekly, or monthly digest. You can easily share your saved homes and search criteria with any friends or family or agents to collaborate on your Bend home search. Simply share the URL of your saved properties dashboard with them, it’s that easy. Then they can see all the homes you are interested in and the search criteria that is meaningful to you. Simple. Powerful.

Biggest Price Drop 7 Days

Often the best deal you can find is a home that started out priced too high, lost the market’s attention, and has now dropped its price to where it belongs (or even lower). The seller has also collected time on market and may be willing to negotiate further.

Photo of 23145 Bear Creek Road
23145 Bear Creek RoadBend, OR977012 bed2 bath2784.00 ft²$2,499,000$300,000
Photo of 3120 NW Metke Place
3120 NW Metke PlaceBend, OR977034 bed5 bath4634.00 ft²$2,870,000$225,000
Photo of 22887 Ghost Tree Lane
22887 Ghost Tree LaneBend, OR977013 bed4 bath3658.00 ft²$1,750,000$215,000

Extra Living Quarters

This smart filter analyzes descriptive keywords and MLS data points to help buyers find the elusive homes that come with separate living quarter potential. Being able to have a separate area of the home to rent out can be a significant investment boon.

Photo of 2591 NE Ravenwood Drive
2591 NE Ravenwood DriveBend, OR977013 bed3 bath2021.00 ft²$749,000
Photo of 67367 Gist Road
67367 Gist RoadBend, OR977034 bed2 bath2342.00 ft²$799,900
Photo of 1415 NW Davenport A & B Avenue
1415 NW Davenport A & B AvenueBend, OR977035 bed3 bath2743.00 ft²$1,170,000

Smart Fixer List

This smart fixer list is looking for keywords in the home’s description to find investment opportunities. Many here will require a rehab loan or cash to purchase. No doubt, if you can do the work yourself or hire the right contractor, fixers are great financial opportunities.

Photo of 52685 Pine Drive
52685 Pine DriveLa Pine, OR977391 bed1 bath756.00 ft²$169,000
Photo of 15744 6th Street
15744 6th StreetLa Pine, OR977391 bed1 bath600.00 ft²$175,000
Photo of 59968 Cheyenne Road
59968 Cheyenne RoadBend, OR977023 bed2 bath1296.00 ft²$489,990